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Why write for the Boon Community?
PRO TIPS: How to write a killer blog post.
1. Say something new
Do your research and understand what others are talking about in the space. The best posts often say something that hasn't been said yet or offer a unique perspective.
2. Don't write an advertisement
Our audience comes to the Boon community for unbiased, quality content. Attempted advertisement pieces are often sniffed out quickly. Be authentic!
3. Get the word out
Each post is distributed on all of Boon's social channels and usually reaches all ofBoon's audience, but the posts that get the most love are often shared by the guest writers as well. Get your friends and colleagues in on the fun.
Some of our awesome guest writers
Greg Toroosian
Senior Talent Specialist at Hyperloop One
Sean Cawley
Boon Ambassador
Tim Sackett
President at HRU Technical Resources
Kelly Hamamura
Boon Ambassador
Ron Hendrixson
Fmr. Director of Talent at Apple
Chris Nicholson
Co-founder @Skymind.io
Common Questions
Q: What happens after I submit a post?
A: We will review your post within a couple of days, get back to you if we would like to make any edits, and then publish on the community once it is approved.
Q: Who reads to this?
A: Boon community members are recruiters, HR professionals, techies, startup founders, builders & thinkers. We love our members and we're sure they'll love you too.
Q: What topics are covered?
A: Writers tend to stick to recruiting, startups, product design, and HR tech, but we are 100% to hearing about new topics even if they are very tangential.
Q: What does Boon do to get the word out?
A: We blast all guest posts across all of our social media platforms and through email. You will be seen and heard.
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