Boon Podcast Guest Preparation
Everything you need before being a guest on the show.
Guest Checklist
PRO TIPS: How to crush your podcast interview
1. Record somewhere quiet
Before the interview starts, find a nice quiet place with minimal background noise (i.e. traffic, AC units, children).
2. Check your equipment
If you are using your computer, make sure your internet connection is STRONG and that your microphone works. If you're using your phone, check the connection and make sure your battery is charged.
3. Get the word out
Each podcast is broadcast to Boon's entire audience, but the podcasts that get the most love are often shared by the guests too. Get your friends and colleagues in on the fun.
Common Questions
Q: How long is the typical interview?
A: Usually an interview goes for about 45 minutes. We can work with different time restraints, just ask us!
Q: Who listens to this?
A: Boon podcast listeners are recruiters, HR professionals, techies, startup founders, builders & thinkers. We love our listeners and we're sure they'll love you too.
Q: What topics are covered?
A: If you haven't already, definitely talk to us about what you'd like to discuss. These podcasts are often informal and can go in a number of different tangents, but pre-discussed topics help a lot.
Q: What does Boon do to get the word out?
A: We blast all podcast guests across all of our social media platforms starting a few days before the broadcast and then distribute the finished recording to everyone usually the same day of the recording.
See you on the airwaves!