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The Interview Breakdown 

The Interview Breakdown 
Kelly Hamamura
Boon Ambassador

5 Basics You Need To Have Covered Before and During the Interview - The Boon team has prepared for you a simple guide to refresh and review those key interview essentials to help you prepare for and snag that job!

1. Dress

It’s simple and something you have complete control over. Invest in a good outfit — or be resourceful with what you have already. If it’s over Skype, minimally, at least put that collared shirt on and sit properly in your boxer briefs.

2. Research

This isn’t the time for winging it. You have the internet and the company’s name. A simple Google search into the company’s history, values and track record will not put you at any disadvantage. If you have the extra time, even a quick skim of Glassdoor can give you that extra knowledge boost to ask informed questions.

3. Rehearse

What do Winston Churchill and Beyonce have in common? They both deliver great performances and put in the effort to do so. People notice when good effort is put in and also notice when it’s not. Rehearse and practice — a lot. Interviewers are asking about your favorite subject, you! Nothing too difficult right? So, make the mistakes and iron them out in your kitchen, in your car, but not during the interview.

4. Body Language

Your body speaks, reveals, and often betrays what is left unsaid in interviews. So, stand up straight, shake their hand firmly, and smile! There are a multitude of proper interview body language videos peppered all over YouTube. Amy Cuddy does a wonderful job in this uber famous Ted Talk here.

5. Extrapolate

Don’t be shy with your accomplishments. Use the interviewer’s question to connect it with another standout achievement. Extend beyond what is asked of you, and don’t wait for them to prod around and wrestle the information out of you. Be generous with your information and they will be generous in your favor when it’s deliberation time.Now, go kill that interview!

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